Payout Policy

pay-out 90% each but part of pay-out will be used for
- 2,5% Will be used for WFN strategies and part of the rewards will be distributed to our stakers as bonus rewards in Waves (possible in BTC, ETH, PUZZLE, USDT/C)
(The WFN strategies were approved by the community via vote at: WAVESDLP fee will be used for: 🔷 - 5% buyback Waves and will be distributed to stakers as a bonus reward together with weekly Waves payouts 😇 - 5% will be used WFN Investment (Invest/help to some project) or distributed to stakers after the KPI of WavesDAO is finalized (WAVESDLP token will be distributed weekly after Waves Payout) You can claim the additional profit from WAVESDLP by following a few steps: WAVESDLP additional profit claim
To be able to receive the bonus rewards, your staking needs to be older than 7 days and still active. If you cancel the staking, you will not receive the bonus rewards
WFN Investments/Strategies aims to increase stakers income without exposing them to unnecessary risks. Your success is our primary motivation!
Buying Waves for bonus reward will happen at the address: 3P99Rmcta9mofg5GbfD1VhYB4PE55wH1Nsk with external security via smart contract

WFN investments and WFN strategies wallet is: 3PNE4mzP29TyWqFcYwnY81rbH3VwV6yhz3F
Transparency is at the core of our mission at WavesFunnyNode! We're dedicated to keeping our community informed at every turn. Your peace of mind is our top priority—we never compromise the safety of our stakers, safeguarding their investments with utmost care. 💼 Our commitment is simple: we exclusively risk our own hard-earned capital, not yours.
Wondering about the intricacies of our WFN investment and strategies? 🤔 We invite and encourage all questions! Feel free to ask, and together, let's forge trust through open and honest communication